If any of my lovely viewers have been staying in the loop with Chasing the Checkered on social media, you will have realized by now that I am now teaming up with Steve Perry from Mainely Motorsports as a TV host.


Steve Perry approached me in early December to discuss the potential of me becoming a part of the show. He had seen my website, realized that I have generated a small following and decided that he would like to bring me on board to bring a new perspective and outlook to the show.


After finally working out a feasible schedule between my 2 jobs, I started working with Mainely Motorsports. I had the opportunity to attend the Northeast Motorsports Expo in Augusta, Maine and get my first taste of being in front of the camera opposed to being behind a notebook.


I was nervous at first because I find that I’m a very awkward person, but it put me at ease realizing how much passion these drivers, teams and track promoters have for the sport. Although I was extremely new to the recording and interviewing process, everyone I interviewed the weekend of the Expo treated me with the utmost respect and were cheering me on the entire weekend.


Steve and I film the show every Sunday at his small studio nearby. The show is very off the cuff, but we always find ourselves running out of time to discuss everything that we want to within the hour time slot that we have available.


I’m growing more comfortable in front of the camera with each and every week that passes and I’m looking forward to creating new, exciting content for the show.


I am taking on this new opportunity with Mainely Motorsports TV, but I am certainly not abandoning Chasing the Checkered by any means. I will be continuing to create stories for all of my amazing readers to enjoy as the race season draws closer. Mainely Motorsports TV has been more than generous by giving CTC a lot of screen time and helping me promote this baby of mine, the baby that I so proudly created.


With that being said, this week’s episode of Mainely Motorsports TV has to be my favorite episode of the show to date. We hit a lot of important topics, like the importance of healthy driver/sponsorship relationships, the rise of local talents in the short track scene and the upcoming Racin’ Preview Show in Portland, Maine, which is hosted by LST Landscaping.


In addition to discussing these topics, the viewers also get to learn a little bit more about me and how I got involved with the sport of racing at an early age. I also discuss my favorite sports teams, my numerous jobs that I have now and the jobs I’ve had in the past, my favorite active NASCAR driver and more.


Most importantly, I get to talk about/talk with some of the drivers that have continuously shown support for my website and my racing opportunities. These drivers include Zach Nicholson of Nicholson Racing, Connor McDougal of Eleveight Design, Charlie Sanborn of Sanborn Racing Enterprises, Alex Dargi and more.


Tune into this week’s show and let me know what you think!


Keep you eye on that finish line…


– Amy