The Market 27 Super Streets continue to be one of the largest and most competitive divisions at Wiscasset Speedway. 23 drivers showed up to battle on Saturday, looking to knock 2-time winner Josh St. Clair off of his throne.

The Super Street competition kicked off with three 10-lap qualifying heat races. Alex Smith and David Greenleaf went head-to-head for the early lead in the first heat. The two drivers remained glued to each other until Alex Smith pulled ahead with the advantage on lap 4.

Nicole Benincasa was also on the move, overtaking Mike Wallace for third on lap 6 as Darick Barker followed closely behind. The race came to a halt on lap 7 as Derek Corliss made heavy contact with the turn 3 wall, resulting in an immediate red flag. Thankfully, Corliss was able to walk away under his own power.

Alex Smith powered ahead on the restart once again, claiming his first career heat race victory in his rookie season. Nicole Benincasa and David Greenleaf rounded out the top 3.

Michael Harrison and Mike St. Pierre squared up for the early lead in the second qualifying heat. Chasing the Checkered driver, Charlie Sanborn, joined the battle early, quickly overtaking St. Pierre for the runner-up spot.

PJ Merrill was quickly coming through the field, advancing to fourth on lap 4 after starting the heat from the tail-end of the pack. He continued his pursuit in the coming laps, advancing to third over Mike St. Pierre on lap 8 as Tiger Colby followed in succession.

Michael Harrison continued to hold off his competitors through the closing laps of the race, scoring the heat victory as Charlie Sanborn and PJ Merrill rounded out the top 3.

Brandon Bailey held the slight advantage over Bubba Pelton and Matt Beers in the early laps of the third and final qualifying heat. Matt Beers wasn’t giving up, making his way to Brandon Bailey’s outside door on lap 4. The two drivers battled it out until Matt Beers broke free from Bailey 3 laps later. Beers never looked back, picking up the heat victory as Brandon Bailey and Bubba Pelton completed the top 3.

Alex Smith took off with the early lead in the 30-lap feature as Michael Harrison and PJ Merrill fought through traffic, filing in behind the leader. Harrison began reeling in Alex Smith, overtaking him for the top spot on lap 7 as PJ Merrill followed. Tiger Colby was also on the move, breaking the top 3 on lap 9.

PJ Merrill made way to Michael Harrison’s outside on lap 10, challenging for the top spot. Harrison managed to fend him off as PJ Merrill descended to third behind Tiger Colby. Trouble was brewing behind the leaders as Mike St. Pierre took a spin on lap 18, resulting in a late-race caution.

Tiger Colby powered to the lead on the restart as his competitors went 3-wide for the runner-up spot behind him. Dominic Curit briefly took over the spot, but Matt Beers was quick to steal it away.

Trouble was on the horizon once again as Bubba Pelton and Zach Bowie made contact on lap 24. This sent Bowie for a spin and left Josh St. Clair with nowhere to go as he and Bowie collided. Brandon Bailey was also caught up in the melee. This incident led to another caution and brought the field back together once again.

Tiger Colby pulled ahead with the advantage once again on the restart, leaving Michael Harrison and Matt Beers battling it out for the runner-up spot. The two drivers made contact in turn 1 which resulted in a chain reaction as David Greenleaf and Nick Morton both collided with Harrison. This brought the racing action to a halt one final time.

Tiger Colby remained strong on the restart, pulling away as his competitors continued to battle it out for a spot on the podium. Matt Beers pulled to the inside of Brett Osmond in the closing laps, igniting a battle for third. The two drivers remained toe to toe until Beers pulled ahead on the final lap, securing the spot.

Tiger Colby sailed through the finish line, picking up his first career victory in the Super Streets. He was all smiles in Victory Lane following the race, celebrating his big accomplishment with a large group of family and friends.

PJ Merrill, Matt Beers, Brett Osmond and Bubba Pelton followed, rounding out the top five.

Tiger Colby was able to crack the mold on Saturday, joining Josh St. Clair on the list of Super Street winners in 2022. Who will be next to climb to the top of the podium? Stay tuned to find out!

You can catch the Super Streets again on Saturday, June 4th. Until then, please join us for the coveted Coastal 200 this Sunday, May 29th. Grandstands open at noon and green flag flies at 2:00 pm. As always, adult admission is just $5 and FREE for kids 6 and under!

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