This past weekend, Wiscasset Speedway hosted the annual Boss Hogg 150, which is the speedway’s biggest Super Late Model event of the season.

The annual 150 lap race debuted in 1991 and is named after Dave “Boss Hogg” St. Clair, who is a Maine racing legend in his own right. Drivers from all tracks gather to compete in the $5,000 to win event every year and Sunday was no different with 26 drivers in the field.

Notably missing from the field was last year’s race winner, Trevor Sanborn. Sanborn had much bigger items on the agenda this year, as he got married on Labor Day weekend. Congrats go out to Trevor and his new bride, Nicholetta.

The field was stacked on Sunday and so was the crowd, which had a great attendance with approximately 1,300 fans in the grandstands and another 1,200 in the pits.

The Boss Hogg racing action kicked off with 3 heat races. Andy Saunders took off with the early lead over Gary Smith in the first qualifying heat. Ben Ashline, a previous Boss Hogg winner, was on the move early, advancing into the runner-up spot over Gary Smith on lap 2 as Wayne Helliwell, Jr. followed in succession.

Helliwell made his way to Ben Ashline’s inside door on lap 5, challenging for the runner-up spot. It was a drag race to the finish, with Helliwell beating Ashline to the line as Saunders picked up the heat victory.

Nick Reno took off with the early advantage in the second heat race. JR Robinson advanced into the runner-up spot over James Osmond, who was piloting the #29 machine, on lap 2. Wiscasset’s Pro Stock point leader, Kevin Douglass, followed Robinson’s lead as he stole third away from Osmond.

Kevin Douglass made way to JR Robinson’s outside door on the final lap of the heat, igniting a last-minute battle for the runner-up spot. Robinson was able to hold him off as Nick Reno secured the heat victory.

Josh St. Clair pulled away with the early lead in the third and final heat as Nick Jenkins, piloting the #32 machine, powered into the runner-up spot. Garrett Hall made his way to the inside of Jamie Wright on lap 3, challenging for third.

Hall briefly backed away, but was back to challenge Wright for the position with two laps to go. Wright was able to hold him off in the closing laps as Josh St. Clair and Ryan Jenkins came home 1-2 in the heat.

Andy Saunders and Nick Reno went head to head for the early lead in the 150 lap main event, going door to door until Reno pulled ahead with the advantage on lap 3.

Josh St. Clair was on the move early, taking over the runner-up spot from Wayne Helliwell, Jr. on lap 5. He made his way to Nick Reno’s door the following lap, eventually taking over the top spot on lap 9. Kevin Douglass was also climbing through the field, advancing to fourth over Andy Saunders on lap 15.

While battling for position, Evan Beaulieu took a spin on lap 15 in turn 1, collecting both Austin Teras and Rodney Brooks. The incident resulted in an early race caution.

Josh St. Clair and Wayne Helliwell, Jr. squared up for the lead on the restart, with Helliwell pulling away with the advantage on lap 17. JR Robinson got booted to the outside groove on lap 18 and fell to the back of the pack. He later took a spin on lap 25 in turn 4, leading to another caution.

Wayne Helliwell, Jr. powered away with the lead on the restart, but trouble was brewing behind the leaders as Austin Teras and Scott Chubbuck made contact on lap 28 in turn 1, resulting in another yellow flag as Chubbuck cut down a tire.

Josh St. Clair got a leg up on the restart, but madness ensued once again as Garrett Hall, Nick Jenkins, James Osmond and others tangled on lap 30 in turn 1. This was followed by yet another quick yellow for a spin on the front stretch on lap 36.

Josh St. Clair powered ahead with the lead on the restart. The racing action remained tame until Nick Jenkins took a hard spin on lap 54 in turns 3 & 4. Some drivers were able to maneuver around Jenkins, but Logan Melcher rounded the turn, making hard impact with the #32 machine. Thankfully, both drivers were able to walk away unscathed. But, both cars suffered serious damage.

Josh St. Clair maintained his advantage on the restart. Kevin Douglass continued his pursuit to the front on lap 60, advancing to third over Mike Hopkins. Douglass wasn’t done quite yet, tracking down and stealing the runner-up spot away from Wayne Helliwell, Jr. on lap 75.

Douglass was hungry for more, making his way to Josh St. Clair’s outside door on lap 78, challenging for the top spot. The two drivers battled it out for a handful of laps until Douglass pulled ahead with the advantage on lap 82.

Mike Hopkins began challenging Wayne Helliwell, Jr. for third on lap 84. Hopkins briefly took over the spot, but Nick Hinkley was on a tear, overtaking both drivers for the position.

Hinkley continued his pursuit on lap 92, making his way to Josh St. Clair’s outside door, igniting a battle for the runner-up spot. St. Clair briefly pulled away, but Hinkley was back to challenge on lap 98 as Mike Hopkins trailed closely behind. Hinkley took over the spot on lap 100 as Mike Hopkins followed in succession.

Wayne Helliwell, Jr. began to climb back up the leaderboard in the closing laps, advancing to fourth over Josh St. Clair on lap 113 as Ben Ashline followed suit. Ashline made his way to the inside of Helliwell on lap 117, taking over the position just two laps later.

Kevin Douglass was setting a blistering pace at the front of the pack, lapping a powerful Josh St. Clair on lap 133. This left just 7 cars on the lead lap.

Evan Beaulieu made a powerful comeback after his early race troubles, climbing up to seventh. It was a strong performance by a relentless Beaulieu and the #56 team, but they still fell victim to Douglass with just 3 laps to go, leaving 6 cars on the lead lap.

#18 bringing home the hardware! (PC: Brandy Drake – FB)

Kevin Douglass was in his own zip code in the closing laps of the race, which led to him picking up the big victory. Not only did Douglass pick up a big $5,000 paycheck, he also scored a larger than life trophy and a BBQ feast for him and his entire crew following the completion of post-race technical inspection.

It was surely a race to remember for Douglass and the #18 team!

Official Top 10:

Kevin Douglass

Nick Hinkley

Mike Hopkins

Ben Ashline

Wayne Helliwell, Jr.

Garrett Hall

Evan Beaulieu

Scott Chubbuck

Josh St. Clair

Andy Saunders

Wiscasset’s next highlight event will be their annual “Fan Appreciation” night on Saturday, September 18th. The night will feature all Group 2 divisions and a 75 lap “Mini Stock Mayhem” race. The racing action kicks off at 5:00 pm.

This will be followed up by the highly anticipated Ward & Sons Construction Super 100, which is the second 100 lap Super Street/Sport Series event between Beech Ridge and Wiscasset drivers. That is sure to be a must-see event! The racing action kicks off that day at 2:00 pm.

Grandstand admission at Wiscasset is just $5 and pit admittance is $20 for kids of ALL ages!

Continue chasing the checkered and support your local short tracks. I hope to see you soon!

Cover Photo Credit: Kaitlin Fecteau – Facebook