The Wildcats competition has continued to heat up at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway of the course of the 2021 race season. Saturday was no different, with the division hosting the largest field of the night.

The competition kicked off with two qualifying heat races. Chaz Briggs held the early advantage over Chaz Briggs in the first heat. Cole Watson was also on the move early, challenging Kaleb Bean for fourth in the opening laps of the race.

Watson took over the spot the following lap, but Lyman McKeage was quick to steal it away.

Dan Bean began his mid-race pursuit on lap 5, making his way to the inside of Joe Morse for the runner-up spot. The two drivers battled it for a couple of laps before Bean pulled away with the spot on lap 7.

Chaz Briggs continued to hold off his competitors in the closing laps, scoring the heat victory as Dan Bean and Lyman McKeage rounded out the top 3.

Cody Webster took off with the early lead in the second and final heat. Drivers were 3-wide for third early, with Rob Herrick taking over the spot.

Herrick continued his pursuit on lap 5, challenging Wade Kennedy for the runner-up spot as Billy Childs, making his 1st Ridge start of the 2021 season, and Jacob Vaughn battled it out for position behind them.

Herrick succeeded in his attempt and moved onto Cody Webster, going head to head with Webster for the top spot on the final lap. Webster held him off, capturing the heat victory. Wade Kennedy rounded out the top 3.

Mike Roe, pulling double duty, took a spin on the initial lap of the 30-lap feature, resulting in an early race caution.

Chaz Briggs took off with the lead on the restart as Rob Herrick promptly made his way into the runner-up spot over Cody Webster. Lyman McKeage followed suit, wrangling the third spot away from Webster on lap 5.

Madness broke out on lap 6 as Cody Webster got bent out of shape on the backstretch. Drivers attempted to scatter, but Jacob Vaughn got caught in the wreckage, making hard contact with the wall. Vaughn’s car caught fire following the impact, but the young driver was able to climb out of the car under his own power.

Rob Herrick was all over Chaz Briggs on the restart, but Briggs continued to hold him off. Trouble was brewing behind the leaders once again as Cody Webster and Dan Bean made contact on the backstretch on lap 10, collecting Kaleb Bean. Billy Childs also experienced some damage to his car, but returned to the track for the drop of the green flag.

Chaz Briggs and Rob Herrick reignited their battle for the lead on the restart. While battling for position, Mark Grantham and Joe Morse made contact on lap 14, collecting Cody Webster. The incident resulted in a mid-race caution.

Chaz Briggs took off with the advantage on the restart. Lyman McKeage was on the move, making his way to Rob Herrick’s inside door, challenging for the runner-up spot. The two drivers made contact on lap 19 in turn 1, resulting in Herrick falling to the back of the pack.

Billy Childs was in hot pursuit of the leaders in the closing laps, advancing to fourth over Dan Bean on lap 22 after overcoming his previous troubles in the feature. The trouble continued for Rob Herrick as he made contact with Mark Grantham on lap 22, resulting in Herrick taking a spin in turn 2. The altercation drew out a late-race caution.

Chaz Briggs maintained his lead on the restart as Wade Kennedy powered into the runner-up spot. Briggs continued to hold Kennedy off through the closing laps of the feature, picking up his fourth victory of the 2021 season. Lyman McKeage, Billy Childs and Dan Bean rounded out the top five.

Chaz Briggs continues to light it up in the Wildcats division, but Wade Kennedy still holds a 16 point lead over Briggs. With two weeks remaining in the 2021 season, which driver will come out on top? Stay tuned to find out!

The Super Saturday racing action continues this coming Saturday, September 4th at Beech Ridge. The track will be hosting the final Autograph Night of the season in addition to a Labor Day fireworks presentation. The racing action kicks off at 4:00 pm.

Continue chasing the checkered and support your local short tracks. I hope to see you soon!

Photo credit: Chaz Briggs (Facebook)