This past Sunday, Wiscasset Speedway hosted the 2020 Boss Hogg 150, which is an annual 150-lap Pro Stock race named after Wiscasset racing legend, Dave St. Clair. The event is one of the track’s biggest races of the year, alongside the Coastal 200 (this year’s was postponed until 2021 due to COVID) and the Strictly Shootout.

The total race purse for the Boss Hogg 150 is nearly $25k, with $5k going to the race winner alone. The driver finishing the race in last place is guaranteed $500 and an additional $500 is awarded to the leader at the halfway mark of the race. In addition to these perks, the winner of the race and their team wins a BBQ feast, which is provided by Bingo’s BBQ.

Fans, teams and drivers alike were invited to sponsor a lap of the race for $20, which went toward the overall purse of the race. This year, Chasing the Checkered sponsored lap #41 of the race in support of Chasing the Checkered driver, Logan Melcher, who was making his first career Boss Hogg 150 start.

In addition to the Boss Hogg 150, Wiscasset hosted a 25-lap Strictly Streets race and a 75-lap Exit Realty Pro Trucks race. The day’s racing action kicked off with the Strictly Streets heat races.

Jacob Vaughn and Nate Pearson went head-to-head for the lead in the early laps of the first heat. Pearson took a spin early, leaving Vaughn in full control of the lead. Chaz Briggs was also on the move in the closing laps of the heat, challenging Rick Spaulding for the runner-up spot. Briggs dived under Spaulding with two to go and cleared him on the final lap as Kurt Hewins followed in succession. Vaughn took home the heat victory, followed by Chaz Briggs and Kurt Hewins.

Brett Osmond took off with the early lead in the second heat race as Zach Emerson quickly took over the runner-up spot. Bernie Dinsmore was also on the move mid-heat, breaking the top 5 on lap 6 after clearing Brad Erskine for position. Zach Emerson was all over Brett Osmond for the lead with 3 to go. Osmond was able to hold him off, capturing the heat victory. Bernie Dinsmore rounded out the top 3.

Next on the agenda was the Pro Stock heats, which would decide the starting lineup for the Boss Hogg 150.

Andy Saunders took off with the early lead in the first heat as Josh St. Clair powered his way into the runner-up spot. The two drivers nearly tangled on lap 5 and Saunders got bent out of shape, losing the lead to St. Clair. Josh St. Clair wasn’t giving up, as he was back at Andy Saunders’ door battling for the lead with 3 to go. Josh St. Clair held him off, securing the heat victory and scoring the pole position for the main feature. Anthony Constantino rounded out the top 3.

Bill Rodgers pulled away with the early lead in the second Pro Stock heat. Joey Peaslee took a spin on the backstretch on lap 2, leading to an early-race caution.

Bill Rodgers held his advantage on the restart, but Nick Hinkley was on the move, looking under Rodgers for the lead with just 3 laps to go. Rodgers held him off, scoring the heat victory. Trevor Sanborn rounded out the top 3.

Dave Farrington, Jr. held the early advantage over Austin Teras in the third and final Pro Stock qualifying heat. Logan Melcher got bent out of shape (but made a great save!) on lap 4 in turn 3, falling back to sixth place. Mike Hopkins was on the move in the closing laps of the heat, challenging Scott Chubbuck for third with just two laps to go. Farrington held off Teras, securing the heat victory. Mike Hopkins rounded out the top 3.

Once both fields were set, the Strictly Streets took to the track for their 25-lap feature.

Brett Osmond took off with the early lead in the main feature. Trouble was brewing behind the leaders as Jordan Pearson made hard contact with the outside wall in turn 2, leading to an early-race yellow.

Brett Osmond maintained his lead on the restart as Chaz Briggs captured the runner-up spot. Zach Emerson was also on the move, advancing to third over Jacob Vaughn on lap 4. Jacob Vaughn fell to the outside groove on lap 7, losing a handful of spots in the main pack. Jon Emerson was all over his Dad, Zach, on lap 9, challenging him for third. Brady Romano took a spin on lap 9 in turn 2, resulting in another caution.

Brett Osmond pulled away with the lead once again on the restart as Zach Emerson powered into the runner-up spot over Chaz Briggs. Briggs took a spin on lap 12 in turn 1, collecting Jon Emerson, Caleb Emerson-Mains, Nate Pearson and Mac Hannan, Jr., among others. The incident resulted in a red flag.

Brett Osmond held strong on the restart, pulling away from the competition. Kurt Hewins came to a slow on lap 15, falling to the back of the pack.

Jacob Vaughn was all over Brad Erskine for third with 5 laps to go. Lewis Anderson was also on the move in the closing laps of the race, joining the battle for third.

Brett Osmond proved his dominance, capturing his first career feature victory. Zach Emerson, Brad Erskine, Jacob Vaughn and Lewis Anderson rounded out the top five.

Brett Osmond enjoying his victory lap around Wiscasset Speedway. Photo Credit: Tanya Soule Bailey (Facebook)

After the Street Stock feature, the Exit Realty Pro Trucks took to the track for their 75-lap feature. Connor Souza took home the victory with Gerard Giordano, Jr., Randy Burr, Jason Ferreira and Allen Coates rounding out the top 5.

After a Labor Day “Salute to America” and a heartfelt speech by Dave St. Clair set the tone for the Boss Hogg 150, the drivers took to the track for the main event.

Josh St. Clair took off with the early lead as Dave Farrington, Jr. powered into the runner-up spot. Scott Hall nearly went around on lap 5 in turn 3, erupting chaos at the tail-end of the field as Scott Chubbuck, Nick Jenkins and Curt Gerry all collected some damage. Upon returning to the track, Curt Gerry’s exhaust was hanging from the tail-end of the #7g. This resulted in yet another trip down to the pit area.

Dave Farrington and Josh St. Clair went head-to-head for the lead on the restart as Nick Hinkley maneuvered up to third behind them. Trevor Sanborn was also on the move early, advancing to fourth over Bill Rodgers on lap 16. The leaders were setting a blistering pace early, approaching lap traffic on lap 20.

Scott Hall took a spin on lap 23 in turn 2, but the field remained green. Ben Ashline began making his move on lap 25, advancing to third over Trevor Sanborn. After leading all day, Josh St. Clair’s machine began heavily smoking on lap 35 before the rear end blew out, resulting in a caution and ruining St. Clair’s chances of a victory.

Following St. Clair’s downfall was a slew of cautions, with Nick Jenkins, Austin Teras, Chuck Colby and Jeff Burgess all drawing the short end of the straw.

Ben Ashline and Dave Farrington, Jr. went head-to-head for the lead once the field went back to the green. Ashline pulled away with the advantage over Farrington on lap 43.

Curt Gerry’s troubles continued on lap 49 as he retired to the pits. Trevor Sanborn and Mike Hopkins powered around Dave Farrington for second and third on lap 54 before Farrington began to descend through the field. Scott Hall took a spin in front of the leaders on lap 58, coming to a stop in turn 4. The incident led to a caution and Hall was black flagged for intentionally bringing out the yellow.

Ben Ashline maintained his lead on the restart, but trouble was brewing behind the leaders once again as Evan Beaulieu and Barry Poulin tangled on lap 61 in turn 3, also collecting Ben Tinker.

Ben Ashline took complete control of the lead on the restart. 2020 Oxford 250 winner, Johnny Clark, was on the move mid-race, challenging Mike Hopkins for third on lap 65. Logan Melcher had a Hell of a save on lap 69 as he slid through the front stretch grass but managed to save the #41 machine from disaster yet again.

Josh Rideout blew up on the backstretch on lap 72, resulting in a mid-race caution. The incident was followed by Nick Hinkley taking a spin on lap 76 in turn 4. This caused the leaders to check up and Dave Farrington, Jr. took a nice slide through the front stretch grass.

Ben Ashline pulled away with the lead once again on the restart as Dave Farrington, Jr. dropped outside of the top 5 after solid performance throughout the day.

Trevor Sanborn was all over Ben Ashline’s back bumper for the lead on lap 102. He was at his door just two laps later and the two drivers began beating & banging on the backstretch for position on lap 106. Sanborn pulled ahead on lap 108, taking full control of the lead. Johnny Clark advanced to third over Mike Hopkins on lap 116, but Hopkins was quick to steal it back.

After a solid attempt to capture another Boss Hogg 150 victory, Ben Ashline began to fall through the field on lap 122 before making the dreaded right-hand turn down to the pits with just 25 laps to go. What was Ashline’s downfall? The fuel tank. Ashline had simply run out of fuel just short of the finish.

Trevor Sanborn was able to hold onto his lead and capture the Boss Hogg 150 victory. Mike Hopkins, Johnny Clark, Devin Douglass and Andy Saunders rounded out the top 5.

Trevor Sanborn rides off into the sunset following his Boss Hogg 150 victory. Photo Credit: Nicholetta Ercolani (Facebook)

Rodney Brooks (unofficially) finished fourth, but was penalized to being the last car on the lead lap after he failed to stop for a mandatory tire check following the conclusion of the race.

Logan Melcher and the #41 team continued to impress throughout the day, avoiding carnage as they captured an official 6th place finish in their first ever Boss Hogg 150!

The 2020 Boss Hogg 150 brought plenty of excitement to Wiscasset Speedway with plenty of dramatic twists and turns throughout the day.

The action continues this coming Saturday, September 12th, at Wiscasset Speedway. Group 2 and the New England Classic Lites take the stage at 5:00 pm following the second annual Dean Snell Cancer Foundation “Racin’ Cancer” Walk at 10:00 am. Please come join members of the racing family and support a great cause!

Continue chasing the checkered & I’ll catch you at a local short track soon!