Photo Credit: PASS/Norm Marx

The Pro All Star Series Modified division returned to Oxford Plains Speedway this past Sunday for an exciting 40-lap feature. 17 drivers showed up to compete on Sunday afternoon, exemplifying the growth in numbers that we have seen in the division over the course of the past year.


The day started out with two 10-lap qualifying heats. The #50 of Tyler Stygles took off with the early lead but took a spin on lap 4 in turn 2, collecting some competitors, including Kristina Nadeau. The incident led to the first caution of the day.


Mark Napolitano took off with the lead on the restart as Billy Childs, Jr., making his debut in a PASS Modified, powered into the runner-up spot. The #16 of Adam Gray was right on Billy Childs’ heels, quickly stealing the spot away from him once again. Napolitano took home the heat victory, followed by Adam Gray and Colby Benjamin.


Mark Lucas powered away with the early lead in the second Modified heat. Kate Re was on the move early, clearing Nick Reno for third on lap 6. Reno was back on her heels on lap 10, stealing the spot away. Mark Lucas went on to capture the heat victory, followed by Matty Sanborn and Nick Reno. 


After the field was set, it was time for the 40-lap feature race. Spencer Vaughn took off with the early lead in the feature. Randy Sanborn took a spin on lap 2 in turn 1, collecting Mark Lucas, Kristina Nadeau, Kate Re, Tyler Stygles and Nick Reno. Tyler Stygles and Kate Re took the brunt of the damage, with neither competitor returning to the track for the remainder of the race.


Spencer Vaughn took off with the lead again on the restart. Points leader, Spencer Morse, was on the move, powering into the fourth spot on lap 3. The #13 of Ryan Nelson faced trouble on the restart, falling to the back of the pack. Tyler King made hard contact with the front stretch wall on lap 6, leading to another caution. Thankfully, he was able to walk away following the impact.


Drivers were 3-wide for the lead on the restart, with Spencer Morse taking over the top spot. Billy Childs, Jr. and Adam Gray made hard contact on lap 11 in turn 1, leading to another caution.


Spencer Morse took off with the lead again on the restart as Spencer Vaughn fell to the back of the pack. Randy Sanborn came to a slow on lap 17, retiring to the pits. Spencer Morse had extended his lead to a 1/2 straightaway by the halfway mark as second through sixth were neck & neck behind him.


Mark Lucas advanced into the runner-up spot on lap 21 as Colby Benajmin climed his way up to third. Spencer Morse was completely out to lunch with ten laps to go, extending his lead to a full straightaway. With 3 laps to go, Morse was catching the tail-end of the field.


Spencer Morse captured the checkered flag, scoring his second victory of the 2019 season and extending his point lead over Jairet Harrison. 


With just 3 Modified races remaining in the 2019 season, it’ll be interesting seeing how the points play out in the coming weeks!


You can catch the Pro All Star Series again this upcoming Saturday, September 21st, at White Mountain Motorsports Park. Racing begins at 6:30 pm.


See you there!


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