Photo Credit: Norm Marx/Pro All Star Series

Sixteen drivers and teams battled the heat and showed up at White Mountain Motorsports Park on Saturday night to compete in the Pro All Star Series 150, an 150-lap Super Late Model feature.


Derek Ramstrom took off with the early lead in the feature, with Joey Pole quickly advancing up to fourth in the early laps. Travis Benjamin took over the lead on lap 6 with Bobby Therrien right on his heels. Joey Pole continued his pursuit to the front on lap 22, making his way to Derek Ramstrom’s inside for third. He completed the pass the following lap as Dillon Moltz also powered his way around Ramstrom for fourth.


The leaders were setting a blistering pace early, collecting the tail-end of the field by lap 34. Joey Pole made his way to the inside of Bobby Therrien for the runner-up spot on lap 40, later advancing into the spot just five laps later. Dillon Moltz was all over Therrien for third on lap 46, taking control of the spot the following lap. 


Nick Sweet was also on the move in the first half of the race, breaking the top 5 on lap 57 after battling it out with Derek Ramstrom for a handful of laps. DJ Shaw was maneuvering his way through the field after starting toward the back of the pack, advancing to seventh by lap 60, and later sixth over Derek Ramstrom on lap 66. Dan Winter took a spin on lap 79 in turn 1, leading to the first caution of the feature.


Joey Pole powered to the lead on the restart as DJ Shaw finally broke the top 5 a little further on back in the field. By lap 90, Pole held a half straightaway lead over his competitors. Dan Winter’s troubles continued as fell off-pace on lap 91, retiring to the pits. Ben Rowe cut down a tire on lap 105, leading to a caution. This was followed by the same happening to points leader Garrett Hall, resulting in another quick yellow.


Derek Griffith and Dillon Moltz nearly tangled on the restart, but both drivers collected themselves as Griffith advanced into the runner-up spot. DJ Shaw was still on a mission, moving into fourth over Travis Benjamin on lap 116. By lap 117, Derek Griffith was all over Joey Pole for the top spot. He advanced into the lead on lap 119 as Joey Pole fell back to third.


Dillon Moltz and Joey Pole made contact on the backstretch on lap 120, allowing DJ Shaw to catch up to the two drivers. He made his way to Joey Pole’s inside on lap 124, challenging him for third. Travis Benjamin made hard contact with the turn 2 wall on lap 133 after having a right front tire go down, leading to a late-race caution.


DJ Shaw advanced to third on the restart as Derek Griffith took off with the lead once again. After his earlier troubles, Ben Rowe was already knocking on the door of the top 5 on lap 139, all over Nick Sweet’s back bumper. He advanced into the spot the following lap, but nobody was any match for Derek Griffith at the front of the field.


Derek Griffith took home the victory, followed by Dillon Moltz, DJ Shaw, Joey Pole and Ben Rowe. In Victory Lane, Griffith praised his crew for their valiant efforts despite his recent troubles at Oxford Plains Speedway this season and celebrated with them on the front stretch.


There is still plenty more PASS racing to come in 2019, but Garrett Hall still remains the point leader with a 12-point lead over DJ Shaw.


You can catch the Pro All Star Series next on Tuesday, July 30th at Star Speedway. Racing begins at 6:00 pm, the PASS SLM’s will be battling it out for 200 laps and the PASS Mods will also be in attendance. 


Get out there and support your local short track! See you there!


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