Photo Credit: Jamie Williams - Finish Line Photography

Drivers, fans and teams returned to Beech Ridge Motor Speedway on Saturday night for the second installment of the track’s 2019 NASCAR Nite season. With clear skies overhead, it was the perfect night for some racing action. After last week’s special 50-lap features for all 3 divisions, the track returned to their traditional lap format for all 3 events.


The Pro Series kicked off the racing action with their 12-lap qualifying heats. Nick Cusack took early control of the lead in the first heat as Donnie Colpritt quickly took over the runner-up spot over Charlie Colby. Josh Childs took a spin on lap 7 in turn 4, leading to the first caution of the night.


Colpritt made his way into the lead on the restart and took home his first heat victory of the season. Nick Cusack and Charlie Colby rounded out the top 3.


Travis Buzzell held onto the lead in the second Pro Series heat until Bill Rodgers stole it away on lap 2. Buzzell wasn’t giving up without a fight, making his way back to Rodgers’ inside on lap 6. The two remained side-by-side until Buzzell finally cleared Rodgers on lap 9, settling back into the lead. Corey Bubar made his way to Rodgers’ inside on the final lap, battling it out for the runner-up spot. Bubar took a spin in turn 2 and the field remained green as Buzzell took home the heat victory. Bill Rodgers and Brandon Barker rounded out the top 3.


Ray Letellier took off with the early lead in the first Wildcats heat, but Joe Morse was glued to his side, waiting for his moment to strike. Phil Chapman briefly took over third place on lap 3, stealing the spot from Mike Roe. Roe was quick to steal it back, settling back into the spot on lap 5. While Letellier and Morse battled it out at the front of the pack, Roe was able to gain some momentum and get right up on the leaders by lap 8. Ray Letellier got loose on the backstretch on lap 10, allowing Joe Morse to take over the lead. Morse took home the heat victory, followed by Ray Letellier and Mike Roe.


Cole Watson was the early leader in the second Wildcats heat, but Nate Leavitt took control of the lead on lap 5. Ed Connolly was on the move mid-heat, advancing to the runner-up spot over Cole Watson on lap 7 as Cole Watson lost momentum and fell to the back of the pack. Nate Leavitt took home the heat victory, followed by Dave Cameron, who barely edged out Ed Connolly at the start/finish line to take home the runner-up spot in the heat.


Gary Modugno settled into the early lead in the first Sport Series heat. Mike St. Pierre was also on the move early, clearing Taylor Lampron-Pierce for the runner-up spot on lap 3. Todd Libby faced troubles early in the heat, blowing up on the backstretch on lap 5. This led to the first caution of the heat.


Gary Modugno was back with the lead on the restart, with Devin Curit claiming the runner-up spot. Curit made his way to Modugno’s inside on lap 10, challenging him for the top spot. Curit took over on the final lap, claiming his first heat victory of the season. Gary Modugno and Hennessey followed, completing the top 3.


Chasing the Checkered driver, Dave Charest, took off with the early lead in the final heat of the night. Curt Gleason showed strength in the heat, battling alongside Charest for the lead on lap 5 and eventually taking over the top spot the following lap. Meanwhile, Frank Wear was on the move, making his way up to third on lap 5. He continued his pursuit to the front the following lap, climbing up to the runner-up spot.


By lap 8, Curt Gleason and Frank Wear were battling it out for the top spot, with Wear finally taking over on lap 9. Matt Dow and Charlie Sanborn, another Chasing the Checkered driver, battled it out until the last lap for third, with Dow beating Charlie for the spot at the line. Frank Wear took home the heat victory, followed by Curt Gleason and Matt Dow.


Once the fields were set, the Pro Series drivers hit the track for their 40-lap feature race. Donnie Colpritt took off with the early lead, but trouble was brewing behind the leaders. Josh Childs took a spin on lap 2 in turn 4, leading to an early-race caution.


Colpritt fired off with the lead once again on the restart as Dave Oliver and Bill Rodgers began their charge through the field. Oliver advanced to the third spot over Dan McKeage on lap 6. Rodgers made his way to Oliver’s outside on lap 9, taking over the spot the following lap. Dave Farrington, Jr. was also on the move, breaking the top 5 that lap.


Rodgers was a rocket at the front of the field, stealing the runner-up spot from Nick Cusack on lap 13 and later, taking over the lead from Donnie Colpritt on lap 16. Brandon Barker faced troubles on lap 22, landing in the dirt in turn 2. This incident led to the second caution of the feature. 


Dave Oliver was on the move on the restart, advancing into the third spot over Nick Cusack with Dave Farrington, Jr. and Corey Bubar in tow. Mike Rowe was also on the move late-race, making his way up to sixth on lap 35 after starting the race in the rear of the field.


Bill Rodgers took home his first victory of the 2019 season. Donnie Colpritt, Dave Oliver, Dave Farrington, Jr. and Corey Bubar rounded out the top five.


Ray Letellier faced troubles on the first lap of the 30-lap Wildcats feature, falling to the back of the pack. Mike Roe showed strength again in week 2, powering into the lead over Joe Morse on lap 2. By lap 4, Dave Cameron was all over his back bumper, hungry for the top spot. Phil Chapman took a hard spin on lap 6 in turn 4, leading to the first caution of the feature.


Dave Cameron and Mike Roe made slight contact on the restart, resulting in Cameron briefly losing some momentum to the #8. The two drivers made contact again on lap 9 in turn 4, allowing Cameron to take over the top spot. Joe Morse, Nate Leavitt and Ed Connolly all tangled on the backstretch on lap 12, leading to another caution. This incident moved the #00 of Wade Kennedy into the top 3.


Wade Kennedy and Mike Roe began battling it out for the runner-up spot on the restart, but momentum was lost once again as Kaleb Bean took a spin on lap 16 in turn 2, drawing out another caution.


Tiger Colby was making gains in the second half of the race, breaking the top 3 on the restart. Ed Connolly, who showed strength all day, was plagued by a flat tire on lap 23. The incident led to a late-race caution.


Tiger Colby and Mike Roe made contact on lap 26 in in turn 4, resulting in Roe taking a spin. This was yet another tough break for Mike Roe, who had two impressive weeks in a row, followed by late-race incidents that took him out of contention for a great finish. The incident led to yet another caution.


Tiger Colby was all over Dave Cameron for the lead coming into the final lap, but Cameron was able to hold him off for his second consecutive Wildcats feature victory. Cole Watson, Joe Morse and Wade Kennedy rounded out the top five.


The 35-lap Sport Series feature was the final event of the night. The race started off with a bit of chaos as Curt Gleason took a spin on lap 3 in turn 3. The field remained green as he was able to drive away under his own power. Clyde Hennessey was on the move early, taking control of the lead on lap 5. Frank Wear was also on a mission, breaking the top 5 on lap 7. Ryan Phillips showed strength in the first half of the race, battling it out with Mike St. Pierre for the third spot on lap 17.


The madness began on lap 22 as Jim Colpritt made his way to the pits and Jason Curtis took a spin in turn 2 on the same lap, bringing out a caution. Beech Ridge Motor Speedway briefly became Talladega Superspeedway for a hot minute on the restart as “the Big One” happened on the backstretch.  Frank Wear took a hard spin coming into turn 3 on the restart, collecting Zach Bowie, Jason Curtis, Matt Dow, Jim Colpritt, Curt Gleason and Terry Merrill in his wake. Nearly all drivers involved in the incident suffered from heavy body damage and left the backstretch looking like a scrap yard. Frank Wear and Zach Bowie took the brunt of the damage and never returned to the track. Luckily, none of the drivers caught up in the wreckage were injured.


After the extended caution, Clyde Hennessey pulled away with the lead once again. Taylor Lampron-Pierce took a spin on lap 25 in turn 2, bringing out another late-race caution.


Ryan Phillips made his way to Devin Curit’s inside on the restart, battling it out for the runner-up spot. Curit managed to hold him off, holding onto the position. Charlie Sanborn finally broke free of Bubba Pelton on lap 30, advancing into the top five.


Clyde Hennessey captured his first feature victory of the 2019 season, followed by Devin Curit, Ryan Phillips, Mike St. Pierre and Charlie Sanborn.


Saturday night’s NASCAR Nite looked more like a Destruction Derby by the end of the evening, but all 3 divisions succeeded in putting on an exciting show for the fans. Congratulations to all 3 winners!


The NASCAR Nite action returns to Beech Ridge Motor Speedway next Saturday, May 18th. The racing action begins at 7:00 pm. As always, children 12 and under get in free and adult tickets are only $12! We hope to see you there!


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