Hey, everyone!


It’s been suggested to me (multiple times!) that I should make a video diary and/or podcast series for Chasing the Checkered. I started creating these videos a couple of weeks ago and posting them to the Chasing the Checkered Facebook page. 


In the first episode, I talked about how I first fell back in love with NASCAR years ago, my experience on the road with Fanatics and my thoughts on Joey Logano’s first MENCS championship.


In the second episode, I discussed why I returned to Beech Ridge Motor Speedway when I moved back to Maine in 2014, how I became friends with Charlie and what it’s like working so closely with the Sanborn Racing Enterprises crew as the team’s primary sponsor.


In the latest episode of my video diaries, I talk about the other drivers (Zach Nicholson, Nick Calvert, Curt Gerry, etc.) that are on the Chasing the Checkered roster, how those driver/sponsor relationships developed and what’s in store for 2019!


I have now created a YouTube page for Chasing the Checkered, and this is where you can find all future video diaries that I create. In addition, these videos will still be posted here and on the Chasing the Checkered Facebook page.


Feel free to give the video diaries a like, subscribe to our new YouTube page and leave a comment about what you’d like to see in my videos in the feature.


Happy viewing!


– Amy