In addition to the Pro All Star Series 150, Beech Ridge Motor Speedway hosted two 50-lap open races for their weekly divisions, the Sport Series and the Wildcats, on Sunday afternoon.


The day’s festivities kicked off with the first of two 10-lap heats for the Wildcat/Street Stock Open division.


Tucker Cole led the initial lap of the first heat, but 2017 Beech Ridge Wildcats champion, Adam Lovejoy, was on the move.


Lovejoy took it 3-wide for the lead on lap 2, capturing the top spot.


Tucker Cole took a spin on lap 3 in turn 1, leading to the first caution of the heat.


Oxford Plains Speedway’s Matt Dufault retired to the pits early under caution.


Adam Lovejoy maintained his lead for the remainder of the race, taking home the heat victory.


Kyle Treadwell took off like a rocket in the second 10-lap heat, pulling away from his competitors.


Billy Childs, Jr. was on the move, making his way around Brian Caswell for the runner-up spot on lap 3.


Tyler King followed suit, sneaking into the top 3.


Treadwell held off his competitors, capturing the heat victory.


Chasing the Checkered driver, Charlie Sanborn, powered into the early lead in the first 10-lap Sport Series heat. 


Devin Curit was on the move, challenging Nick Campbell for the runner-up spot on lap 2. He finally cleared him on lap 4, settling into second place.


After climbing through the field, Matt Dow finally broke the top 3 on the final lap of the heat.


Sanborn sailed into the heat victory, making it his fourth and final heat win of the 2018 season.


2018 series champion, Joey Pastore, took off with the early lead in the second heat as Terry Merrill powered into the runner-up spot.


By lap 8, there was a 2-car breakaway at the front of the field with Pastore and Merrill leading the pack.


Pastore took home the heat victory, with Merrill following closely behind.


The two fields were then set for the 50-lap feature races.


Kyle Treadwell took off with the early lead in the 50-lap Wildcats/Street Stock feature.


Billy Childs, Jr. was quick to battle Adam Lovejoy for the runner-up spot, stealing the position away on lap 4.


Skip Tripp was on the move early, breaking the top 3 on lap 7.


By lap 10, there was a 2-car breakaway at the front of the field with Treadwell and Childs, Jr. leading the way.


Billy Childs, Jr. made his way to the inside of Kyle Treadwell on lap 16, challenging him for the lead.


Childs took command of the field the following lap, pulling away from his competitors.


The leaders began to approach lap traffic on lap 19, with the field being completely spread out by the halfway mark at lap 25.


Troy Morse and Pat Thorne made contact on lap 29 in turn 2, leading to a mid-race caution.


Billy Childs, Jr. took command of the lead again on the restart as Tyler King and Kyle Treadwell battled it out for the runner-up spot behind him.


King proved strong, stealing away the spot on lap 37.


Billy Childs, Jr. maintained his lead for the remainder of the feature, taking home the victory.


Tyler King, Kyle Treadwell, Adam Lovejoy and Zach Bowie rounded out the top five.


Charlie Sanborn powered into the early lead in the 50-lap Sport Series feature, but trouble was brewing behind the leaders.


Dave Charest took a spin on the initial lap in turn 4, leading to an early-race caution.


Sanborn lost some grip on the restart, allowing Joey Pastore to stay glued to the side of the #1 machine.


After making contact with the #20 of Frank Wear, Nick Campbell took a spin on lap 14 in turn 4. The incident led to yet another caution.


Travis Lovejoy took a spin on lap 18 in turn 3. The field remained green as he was able to get rolling again in the #2 machine.


After battling it out side-by-side for the entirety of the race, Pastore finally cleared Sanborn for the top spot on lap 20.


Devin Curit powered into the runner-up spot on lap 23, then setting his sights on Pastore at the front of the field.


Curit pulled to Pastore’s inside on lap 25, challenging him for the top spot.


Matt Dow joined the battle at the front of the field on lap 30, later overtaking Curit for the runner-up spot on lap 32.


By lap 37, Dow was challenging Pastore for the top spot.


Terry Merrill, who had sneaked his way into the top 3, joined the battle for the top spot on lap 43.


Matt Dow took over the lead on lap 45, but Pastore and Merrill made it a 3-wide battle on lap 46.


As Terry Merrill and Matt Dow battled it out head-to-head for the top spot on lap 47, Alex Lacognata suddenly broke into the top 3.


Two top-5 contenders, Matt Dow and Devin Curit, both took spins on the final lap of competition. 


The shocking turn of events mixed up the top 5 entirely coming into the final turn.


Terry Merrill managed to squeeze out the victory in his #12 machine, ending his 2018 season on a high note.


Alex Lacognata, Joe Pastore, Kenny Harrison and Charlie Sanborn rounded out the top five.


Although the points season was over weeks ago at Beech Ridge, contenders in both divisions still brought the heat to the open races on Sunday and put on a great show for all of the fans in attendance.


The race season may now be over at Beech Ridge, but there is still so much racing action that remains in 2018.


Get out there and support all of your local short tracks!


Catch the Amsoil Dominator Strictly Shootout this upcoming Saturday, September 29th, at Wiscasset Speedway!


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